The Right Technology Can Help Independent Physicians Thrive Under ACA


Almost half of all the independent doctors involved in the 2015 Independent physician Outlook survey noted, it is likely that they sell their rooms to a great doctor and finish of the industry over the next ten years. ACA (Affordable Care Act), also known as “Obamacare” has a very uncertain future for independent physicians across the country. This is a very Autonomous team of medical professionals are some new constraints that arise when combining, the scenario in which independent impossible dream it seems.

Two urgent problems, which are from independent doctors currently, according to the survey, are the escalation of costs in connection with the increasing pressures on practice reimbursement. While on the surface the situation looks bleak, the reality is that the costs be effectively managed with a careful technology. Long reflection on the need to acquire new technologies, compliance with electronic health records/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) mandates under the ACA can be part of the solution.

While some medical professionals see electro-hydraulic control EHR/EMR implementation headaches and extra effort that many doctors do not understand that patients with data in digital form, one of the most valuable assets they have access, because this information will help you to take the help in making more effective decisions, can have a positive impact on the essence of their practice. Also, electro-hydraulic control EHR/EMR changing health care industry in a positive way really, as a catalyst for digital transformation within health-care organizations of all sizes.

As the digital migration continues, new opportunities for delivery of innovative health products and services created in the process that made it all possible by the availability of web services in a private, secure cloud environments in which patient health information may also, jointly with the authorized parties and organizations for joint care.

The biggest obstacle to adoption comes from the doctors ” is no it support in house and not knowing what their technology options available. In a hurry, in turn, many well-known brands in the hope, solutions and services that are necessary for success. Unfortunately, these options can leave much to be desired, when there are problems or no staff training required. The obvious choice is to cooperate with a smaller technology provider that provides the same reliable and secure data management solutions without exorbitant price tags, and in most cases better, stronger personal support group than the major providers.

Doctors can perform use the power of cloud computing in their own practice, more efficient and more profitable organization through the introduction of products like our custom hosted Network Attached Storage (NAS) – their decisions in office administration platform. Cloud migration for service providers, healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments of our business these days, and we are required to comply with all of the technology that independent doctors must not only survive, but thrive in these difficult conditions, and those who will come in the future.

DLS Internet business is a successful Voice-over-IP and information technology partners serve as clinical and health offices as experts in unified communications and network operations for about 20 years. This also includes network security, it networking, VoIP telephony, data center management and hosted network appliances.


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