Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016


The year 2015 was an amazing year for Social Media marketers around the world. He brought a new Dimension to Innovation and the opportunity to focus on the preferences of the customers. He is constantly developed in the course of time, in order to satisfy the demand.

Difficult to predict the expected changes in the Marketing Trends in Social Media, but there are some Trends that can help us in the analysis of the forthcoming changes in the Social-Media-Marketing-techniques and strategies.

Optimize Your Mobile

According to the statistics, the mobile phones were more successful in generating Traffic in comparison to a Laptop or Desktop search. Each is concerned with searching on the Internet for information on their Smartphones or Tablets. This was important for entrepreneurs to targeted Mobile audiences to improve results and, ultimately, the sale.

Make sure that your web site is great optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. As a result, the risk of loss of their competitors is reduced to the market. Your Web Design must be able to serve all the customers around the world, regardless of the means you use to search with relevant information.

Active Participation

Unfortunately, the brands do not respond strongly, and their activity in Social Media Marketing is reduced, when it comes to the treatment of complaints Online. According to the survey, 70% of the customers, a response from brands on Twitter, and 53% of the audience expect to want to the answer in less than an hour. The percentage of the customers, the more growth you are up to 70% when complaints Online.

Social Media marketers should accept and implement strategies to ensure that the correct answer to customers to satisfy their requests and complaints. If you are not sure your competitor is responding quickly to people with the aim of increasing the market share.

A high valuation of contributions in social networks

This year, together with the Ranking of your blog, don’t forget, this Ranking of your posts in social media. Social Media marketers money and effort to invest to get a high Ranking in the social networks, for the promotion in social networks, in search engines, increase the visibility.

App Store Optimization:

According to a survey conducted in the year 2015, 52% of Internet time spent on various mobile applications. It is not a big surprise, because now people prefer to search on Mobile applications because of its higher functions.

To improve the visibility of your Website on the Internet, you must have the App in the Store, so as to reach the maximum number of people can easily.

On page SEO

If we are talking about the on-page SEO, internal linking, improving, and optimizing the structure of website content important aspects, which will attack our spirit. However, there are a few things that you should consider, to keep on top of SEO pages like the engagement, click on the Basis of the tax rates, social signals and meaning. If you continue to focus on the page SEO, this is a Win-Win Situation for the company.

Along with this, the users prefer and love to watch the Video. YouTube gets massive Hits on the day and almost 8 billion from the Video seen each day for Facebook. It will be very useful when you are Marketing Facebook, as well as some entertaining Videos, highlighting the information about your brand will do.


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