SEO Latest Guidelines In Ranking In Google This 2016


Change is the only constant thing in SEO field. Yes, the Internet provides the ideal platform where companies and firms can market their goods. Yes, he lived up to his promise. However, due to the constantly changing nature of the platform together with search engines that dominate, companies need to be careful of all changes. How do you keep up with these changes step?

The key is approved to be posted on reliable sources with reference to the latest developments and standards in most search engines on the Internet. Why is it important? If you are on the bad side of this to use most of the sites, it would be difficult to achieve for you to a large community of users online. To keep on track with current policies for business. As the cliche says, if you don’t get to join them.

Link building is known, most SEO practitioners as an effective way to get a high ranking in the search engines, and this remains true to this day; however, the consequences, they are, advanced link building tactics to their advantage. These methods include the use of infographics about Google Alerts and many more.

In addition, abuse of anchor text is also frowned upon from Google, as it seems like spam and this allows your website punished. This practice began in 2012 to apply to the court to change the appearance of Google Penguin. There is no need to risk due to excessive anchor text, instead of a better ranking for links of sites that are highly relevant. In this context, it is always quality over quantity.

One of the many benefits of the Internet is that no matter what device you are using; you can still use all of its features. Maybe it’s smartphones, the user needs to access your website, as accessed through laptops or tablets. Some web sites are not able to live up to this requirement, which leads to poor user access to mobile devices. If you don’t optimize your pages, targeted at mobile users, it’s time that you do it. In fact, a significant number of search queries performed through mobile phones leads to sales. So, make your web page design-mobile-user-friendly.

Which can have the following, greeted us as victims of one form or another: interstitial. These ads block, you can see if what you read until you click on the “close” button. You know, this is definitely the way to steal attention, but it’s not the attention you want. Visitors often annoyed with these pop UPS offering you to install mobile apps. Google will start to punish websites that this practice in 2016.

Last but not least, create content. You may have often heard SEO content is king; however, this is only true if quality on a regular basis. Google sees as the site is updated daily, and sees this as a factor when specifying the search engine rankings. In addition, relevant content on your website can be found via Google-Panda. These “extra” content is copied content from other sources, doorway pages and others. The solution is to produce original content which is important and on a daily basis.


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