Capitalizing on Mobiles As the Primary Channel for Customer Engagement


According to a report by the industry Smartphones changed the way customers interact with the brand. Satisfaction Mobile experience, challenging consumers to give more choices to the brand of glue. If the mobile phone investigate is not a pleasant experience, the user is anxious, in Detail and with other brands for a better experience. Therefore, it is important for brands to have a responsive Support, Web Sites, easy to open, or you could lose it completely.

Almost 92% of the respondents are active Smartphone users who use their phones as primary devices. Desktop and Tablet use is low, and activities are almost identical for both devices. Brands to a digital experience with Smartphone users, to win which the campaign will return, and customers.

The last industry reports show the importance of a reliable and mobile strategy. Organizations the specific experience of mobile-strategies for success in the Marketing channels performance, so that those in the Mobile Marketing strategy. A strategy for Mobile Marketing has the following advantages:

A large part of the traffic comes from mobile devices
Mobile devices, a customer on his journey through various channels and on different devices.
If the customer chooses for the registration and authentication, easy for customers to track over various devices easily
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the mass media in the use of the acquisition of the corresponding
The rising share of mobile data traffic in 2014-2015, as reported, is 33 to 34%, and in 2016, the indicators increased to 39 percent. Although the advantages of the mobile strategy have been reported, only 20% of the institutions that have a specific Mobile strategy that you will reap its fruits.

Many of the problems of the scarcity of resources in Budget and personnel have been reported, leading to a delay in the updating of the Apps, as well as the understanding of the needs of the customer. One of the main causes for the lack of a working Mobile strategy is a lack of understanding or knowledge, what’s stopping method for the measurement of the liability. And not only do they rate their success by the number of downloads of mobile Apps, brands, clear measures must use, the would have a clear picture of the actual success.

Many brands are seen, with a focus on mobile strategy, approximately 27% of the companies in the mobile strategy, and not just 13% in the year 2014. In addition, approximately 62% of the companies believe that their mobile data traffic will be half of the total digital traffic in the next year. Although the current number is still low, the Trend indicates that the numbers quickly multiply.


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