Are SA Businesses Doing Enough to Give Back?


Companies are doing enough in the communities in which they work? It was a question that many South Africa has faced from niche companies with corporate social investment (CSI) programs were becoming more and more widely, and officially in the country. The answers are not always convenient. The results of the Anglo-American’s R100m investment in education between 2010 and 2014, are a good example of how to be a CSI achieve the goals of the program may be ineffective.

Who said that the success of the company is just below the smart business model, but it also refers to meaningful interaction within the community through the relevant company, as well as investment in sustainable development projects for long-term positive effects. Too many companies, ” CSI-the programs remain on the periphery of their business objectives, often with a marker-expenditure in the amount of 1% of the consolidated net profit after tax to earn points on their BBBEE-scorecard was said.

The effective CSI is not involved only one external philanthropic act no positive effects for the enterprise. CSI starts with the internal culture of staff improvement, when the potential to succeed in your position and add more value in the workplace.

Similarly, if a company invests in education and health, and improving family stability, and various other socio-economic difficulties in the community, your employees come, it will have access to a more productive workforce. It also helps in prevention of labor problems, as a result, jobs are not only local, but also further development of community support.

Strong relationships with constantly being improved and promoted with the De Aar community solar farms work. Employees, economic development on the ground in De AAR are part of, and work within the local community. You are aware of local problems and are looking for long-term solutions to various socio-economic problems.

Negotiations with stakeholders, municipalities, employees and local authorities is necessary in order to decide what community needs do, and how these challenges can be addressed.
One of the main reasons that good intentions the failure of development projects, as a result of their special reaction to the arrival of the problem. A visible example of such a project in De AAR, what a pitch to impoverish, De Aar East area. Private enterprise built a fenced football field with bleachers and fences to promote physical relaxation. Unfortunately, it is obvious that little was left to maintain, for reasons that are left alone and soon fall into a state of decline.

Recent projects: two years-Community Development Worker-program developed and certified by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa; Enterprise Development program developed and supported by the University of the Free State, the computers-skills training in high-tech computer centre; funding for the art centre; the provision of free Wi-Fi access at 14 points in and around the city; funding for the Healthy mom-Healthy baby program, which the Foundation for alcohol-Related research; in particular. More than R24 million euros were spent on economic development programs in the region between 2014 and 2016.

Part of the mandate under the walls of each of these programs is that local community members are or will be trained and responsible for them. A good example is the transfer of it education in the community centre will be two participants in the community development workers (CDW) program. Both were sent on ” eSkills course at the Vaal University of Technology. Both graduated on may 21, 2016 and was used as moderators.

Firm think about CSI program implementation must ensure that you build a strong economic base, quite independently of the society to economically support other members of the community.

Research the end of 2015 showed that Emthanjeni the Church survived the fall of economic activities and enterprises. Corporate development program was created to remedy this need. 16 entrepreneurs nine months completed the program and eight best buy has received funding to start income-generating assets of your business. Continuous care ensures that someone is always on hand to help these hard-working people.


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